The Annual Rodolfo Saracci Lecture 2019

A call for nominations (deadline 1/4/2019) for: PRORROGATED UNTIL 7th May!

The Annual Rodolfo Saracci Lecture

To celebrate the 30th year of the European Educational Programme in Epidemiology (EEPE) in 2017, we established the Inaugural Rodolfo Saracci lecture 

The Inaugural Rodolfo Saracci lecture 

The Saracci Lecture has now become an annual event. The 2019 lecture will be delivered on 5th July, the final day of the 2019 European Educational Programme in Epidemiology course in Florence, Italy.  

The Saracci lecture will be delivered by an early or mid-career researcher, who we will talk about a field in which (s)he is now actively working. It is not intended as a ‘life time career award’. The lecture can cover any topic in epidemiology, but we will give preference to ‘big picture’ overview talks. These could be on a particular area of substantive research, on epidemiological methods, or on epidemiology and its links with public health.

The call is open to anyone working in the field, but we would particularly like to see applications from former students of the EEPE.

Applicants can be self-nominated or nominated by a current or former member of the EEPE faculty, and the nomination should involve: (i) a covering letter outlining the reasons for the nomination (including the year that the applicant attended the EEPE); (ii) brief cv (two pages plus one page of selected publications); and (iii) a one-page maximum abstract of the proposed talk.

EEPE will cover travel and accommodation expenses. The Saracci lecturer will also participate in the final course dinner and celebration on the Thursday evening (4th July 2019).

The EEPE course was established in 1988 by Rodolfo Saracci, Franco Merletti, Dimitrios Trichopoulos and Jorn Olsen. Rodolfo Saracci served as the Course Director for the first 25 years of the course, and  subsequently, the course has been Directed by Professor Matthias Egger, Professor Manolis Kogevinas, and currently by Professors Lorenzo Richiardi and Neil Pearce.

As well as his key role in the EEPE, Rodolfo Saracci has played a leading role in epidemiology internationally for many decades, including major contributions to the research work of the International Agency of Research on Cancer, and the International Epidemiological Association (for which he was President during 1996-1999).

Please send nominations to: Mar Ferrer

Closing date is 1st April 2019, and the decision will be announced by the end of April 2019.